About Adoption Spots


We believe every child is unique and expresses themselves in their own special way.  The “Adoption SpotsTM” website offers a closer look at children available for adoption in Central Florida.  Families considering adoption will have an opportunity to view photographs and videos of the child along with personal expressions of art, drawings, or poems and other related information.  Each Spot is intended to be a unique presentation to give you more insight into the child’s personality.  Some Spots have more information than others and some Spots are in the development stage awaiting more personal data.Different kids

Information contained on each Spot is customized for the child based on collaborative input from the foster parents, case managers, and the children themselves. The more information that is shared on a Spot, the greater the opportunity a potential adoptive parent has to make a connection with that special child!

All of these children would love to have a forever home.  In the meantime, life marches on and they live their lives every day just trying to be a normal and embracing the love provided to them by their foster family.  They have likes and dislikes, some are shy, some are funny, some are loud and some more reserved, but the one thing they have in common is that they are all unique!

Kids Central is dedicated to providing the most innovative and cutting-edge approach to assist in finding a permanent, safe, and loving home for the children in our care.  Over the years we have learned that when a parent makes a connection with a child, it often results in the best match with the most promising results.

Take the first steps in getting to know a child by visiting the children’s pages!