DOB: May, 2000

Sylvester is talkative, creative, energetic and entertaining.  He admits to being a great football player and that he will do anything to protect the family.  He thinks it’s very important to have a family and looks forward to having a sibling.   
Sylvester Jeffries
Sylvester likes Math and Reading and his least favorite subjects are Social Studies and Science.  He said the hardest thing he’s ever done is to go to court and the bravest thing he ever did was take care of his sister when she was sick.  His biggest complaint is when people argue and he doesn’t like being yelled at or people hurting  him.

When he grows up, Sylvester wants to play football, street race and be a businessman. His most prized possession was when he had a Monster truck.  His favorite foods are ribs and lobster.
Sylvester likes to go to Disney, Universal Studios and other places to have fun.  He likes Football and is a Rams fan.
If he could meet anyone dead or alive it would be Paul Walker or his brother (street racers). 
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