Sonny & Joshua

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AdoptionSpot_SONNYJOSHUA_0637Birthday:  January 2007

Likes:   watching TV, playing video games and playing with his friends.

Sonny is friendly, funny and unpredictable.  He loves football and swimming and his favorite food is pizza!  He likes music but doesn’t like to sing, and he doesn’t like to read.  He does like to play on computers and with his iPad.

Sonny says he is a “talker” and his favorite animal is a dog.




AdoptionSpot_SONNYJOSHUA_0504Birthday:  April 2010

Likes:   watching TV and listening to music.

Joshua “Josh” is cheerful, energetic, talkative and silly.  He is loving and playful and was a bit nervous about being video recorded.  He loves cars and Italian food.  Josh doesn’t care for animals but he loves music and likes to read Dr. Seuss.




Sonny loves technology, especially playing with his iPad. He loves computers and he is very computer savvy. Sonny can figure out anything there is about a computer. Sonny also enjoys swimming. Reading is not his favorite thing, but if you read with him he will join in. However, if it is a book on the computer he will read it though and through. When he gets older he wants to do something in line with building computers or developing new video games.

Joshua is a fun-loving little boy who loves to give hugs. Joshua is very affectionate. One of Joshua’s favorite things is music, he loves to listen to music and dance around the house. He also loves Dr. Seuss books. Joshua can be very talkative at times and is full of life. Although Joshua is talkative, but when he starts talking too quickly he does mumble and will get soft-spoken. Joshua loves to be silly and playful. As most children his age Joshua is not a big fan of the word “no”. He loves spaghetti and rice and beans. He doesn’t care for animals too much.

Currently Sonny and Joshua are in separate homes. They visit on a weekly basis and love spending time together. Joshua loves to follow his big brother around and do everything Sonny does. Sonny always tries to be a good big brother around Joshua and set a good example.

Sonny and Josh’s father passed away and they are looking for a loving family.  They are Inseparable Siblings.  Would you be willing to open your heart to Sonny and Josh and make their dreams come true?

For more information* please contact or call (352) 387-3476 
 *An approved home study is required before any representative can provide information regarding a child. 










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