Shaunta & Derrick

DSC_6388 copyShaunta

Birthday:  June 2000

Likes:   watching TV, listening to music, playing video games, going to school, playing sports, dancing, going to movies, bowling, cooking, shopping, going to church and hanging out with friends.

Shaunta is a quiet spoken young lady who has a goal of becoming a Pediatrician.  Her most cherished memories are when she lived with her Nana before she passed away in February, 2015.  She says her Nana was the biggest influence in her life and taught her right from wrong.


DSC_6457RT copyDerrick

Birthday:  July 2002

Likes:   watching TV, playing sports, skating, skateboards, listening to music, drawing and hanging out with friends.

Derrick is an entertaining boy who loves Math.  He loves to talk about video games and animation and had a great time when we had him join in on some fun experiments.


Shaunta and Derrick are bi-racial half siblings who have different birth fathers. Shaunta was born in June 2000 and Derrick was born in July 2002.

Shaunta appears shy when first meeting someone new, but she warms up once she is comfortable. Shaunta is a very polite young lady. Shaunta enjoys typical teen activities such as getting her nails done, shopping and hanging out at the mall with friends. Shaunta is athletic and played volleyball at her previous middle school. Shaunta will be a freshman in high school this year and is looking forward to her high school experience. She hopes to further her education and be a pediatrician when she’s grown. Shaunta is looking for a forever family with either a mother and a father or just a mother. Shaunta enjoys animals, especially dogs. Shaunta has always attended church and would like a family who will attend church with her. Shaunta has many friends in the Marion County, Florida area and she would like to stay in this area or be able to remain in contact with her friends if she moves to another county.

Derrick likes to meet new people and he is a fun-loving kid. He enjoys fishing and would like to learn how to hunt and do archery. Derrick enjoys reading and his favorite is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Like so many boys, Derrick likes to spend his free time playing video games. Derrick enjoys school and states that “I like learning.” His favorite class is math. He loves all sports, especially basketball. Derrick’s favorite colors are purple, pink and blue. His favorite music is rap and hip hop. When Derrick grows up, he has several career paths from which he would like to choose. He would like to go into the Army or play professional sports (NFL, NBA or pro-skateboarding). Derrick is hoping that his forever family will enjoy doing outdoor activities and camping.

Shaunta is indifferent towards her half-brother, Derrick, who loves her very much.  Both Shaunta and Derrick are Inseparable Siblings and will be adopted together.  Would you be willing to adopt Shaunta and Derrick and work to heal the relationship between these two siblings?

For more information* please contact or call (352) 387-3476 
 *An approved home study is required before any representative can provide information regarding a child. 


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