DOB: December, 1999

Likes:  playing basketball, football, swimming and fishing

Moe cropped

Moise was born in Haiti and entered the foster care system when his adoptive parents were arrested for child abuse. Moise prefers to be called “Moe” (Moise is Haitian for Moses). Moe has a great sense of humor and enjoys playing basketball, football, and fishing.  He is also a good student and takes pride in maintaining a high GPA. Moe is good with animals and loves dogs.  He has had a number of placements during his time in foster care and is eager to find a family that will love him and provide him the stability and structure that he needs.
For more information* please contact or call (352) 387-3476 
 *An approved home study is required before any representative can provide information regarding a child. 


uploaded Science Certificate


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  • Moe loves dogs!
  • Moe and his friend Matthew and Mo Mo the Boston Terrier.
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  • Moe and his friend Matthew and Mo Mo the Boston Terrier.
  • Moe, Matthew and Mo Mo.
  • Moe has lots of friends.
  • Moe received an Honors certificate in Science.
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  • Moise
  • Moe is a happy boy.
  • Moe is 14 years old.
  • Moe says playing football is the hardest thing he's ever done.
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  • Moise 4.5.15
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  • Moe cropped


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