Birthday:  July, 2003

Likes:   watching TV, playing video games, going to school, playing sports, reading books, skating, riding horses, skateboards, playing board games, riding bikes, listening to music, going to church, going to the movies and hanging out with his friends.

Logan 2a

Logan is a very smart and engaging young man.  He loves playing video games and finds them challenging.  He also loves the outdoors and hunting and fishing and goes often.  His favorite foods are cheesecake and fried chicken.

Logan has a vivid imagination and his favorite subject is History.  He doesn’t like it when the teacher talks a lot.  He wants to be in the Army and then a police officer when he gets older.

The hardest thing he’s ever done is to leave his family.  He says his mom is his greatest hero because she knew what was best for him.  His most prized possession used to be his brother’s hat, however, he has recently come to realize that his most prized possession is his brother, the person.

We have two videos of Logan taken at different times in his life.  You can clearly see how he has matured and opened up in his most recent video.

Will you open your heart to Logan?

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