Katelynn & Maryann

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Birthday:  January 2001

Likes:   watching TV, playing sports, singing, skating, bowling, riding horses, playing board games, listening to music, going to the movies, going to church, shopping and playing with her friends.


Katelynn and her younger sister, Maryann, are Inseparable Siblings and will be adopted together.

Katelynn is kind, cheerful, friendly and entertaining.  She loves Math and is very proud to be enlisted in the ROTC Program.  She says that her teacher, Ms. Harding, is the smartest person she knows but has been most influenced in her life by her late grandmother.  She wants to be in the Army when she gets older.inseparable-siblings-hearts

Katelynn’s most prized possession is a ring and her favorite food is Chinese food.
She loves horses, dogs, cows and pigs and works with the horses at the Heart of Florida Youth Ranch as often as she can.

Katelynn needs a family with a strong support system and a lot of structure.



Birthday:  January 2003

Likes:   watching TV, playing video games, going to school, playing sports, singing, dancing, skating, bowling, riding bikes and horses, playing board games, listening to music, going to the movies, going to church, cooking, shopping, drawing and hanging out with friends.



Maryann is the quiet sister.  She, too, loves being with the horses at the Florida Youth Ranch.  She is cheerful and talkative and gets excited about Math!

Maryann likes soccer and volleyball and for fun she likes to draw and ride her bike.  She once stood up for someone getting bullied and says it’s the bravest thing she’s ever done.  She looks forward to meeting her new family and hopes that they are nice.

These two sisters have great love for each other and are looking for a family that will treat them nicely and provide them with unconditional love.  These two sisters love to be “on-the-go” and would thrive in a family with a very active lifestyle, participating in community events and promoting extracurricular activities.

Would you be willing to open your heart to Katelynn and Maryann and make their dreams come true?

For more information* please contact Spots@KidsCentralinc.org or call (352) 387-3476 
 *An approved home study is required before any representative can provide information regarding a child. 



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