DOB:  Febryary 2008

Likes:    watching TV, playing video games, going to school, playing sports, skating, bowling, riding horses, riding bikes, skateboards, playing board games, going to the movies, playing with cars, drawing, playing with friends and playing alone.



Jordyn is clever and creative.  He loves to be silly, playful and funny.  He is a confident young man who is smart and talkative.  He loves to talk about horses!

Jordyn loves to play outside with friends and when he grows up he wants to be “the boss of a company.”  His most prized possession is his “Legos” and his favorite food is chicken nuggets..  Jordyn loves football and likes to read.  If he could meet anyone living or dead he would want to meet the characters in Toy Story.  

Jordyn is a “dog” person who also loves horses and he likes to think about “snacks.”

Won’t you open your heart to Jordyn?

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