DOB:  April 2005

Likes:    watching TV, playing video games, going to school, singing, dancing, listening to music, going to church, playing with friends and playing alone.
Beau is a very sweet and happy special needs child that is looking for a forever home.  Beau is non-verbal however, once you get to know him you will become aware of what he needs or wants.  He loves the sound of the dial-tone on a telephone and is obsessed with listening to it.  He is fun-loving and has a beautiful laugh.  Beau loves the sunshine and going to the beach.  He loves to swing and play in his go-cart. 
Won’t you open your heart to Beau?
For more information* please contact or call (352) 387-3476 
 *An approved home study is required before any representative can provide information regarding a child. 




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