Beatrice & Kimberly



Birthday:  July 2002

Likes:   watching TV, playing video games, playing sports, dancing, bowling, riding bikes, playing board games, listening to music, going to movies, cooking, shopping, and drawing.

Beatrice says her sister, Kimberly, is the smartest person she knows.  She says the hardest thing she’s ever done is the first time she went on a roller coaster.  Dogs are her favorite animal and she wants to be a vet when she grows up. 


Birthday:  July 2000

Kimberly said President Obama is the smartest person she knows but her life has been most influenced by her mentor, Mrs. Elizabeth.  She loves Math and doesn’t like History.  Her favorite food is burgers and she likes to shop for fun.  She loves dogs and horses and likes to read good books.




Beatrice and Kimberly have an older brother, Omar, and are very close. You can see him with his sisters in the first video below.  Omar recently turned 18 and therefore is not available for adoption.  Would you open your heart to Kimberly and Beatrice and offer them a forever family?

For more information* please contact or call (352) 387-3476 
 *An approved home study is required before any representative can provide information regarding a child.