DOB: June, 2007

Alex is a 9-year-old boy. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and wears glasses. He is very loving and enjoys being close to people that he is comfortable with. He loves the Pioneer Woman, trains, riding his power wheels and playing on his tablet. He enjoys learning about things on his tablet and watching episode after episode to learn how to cut fruits and vegetables and then ask the caregivers to buy the items so that he can practice cutting them. He likes to build puzzles, read books, play in the pool and draw parking signs.
Alex is not developmentally on target with his peers emotionally or physically. Alex is still learning to distinguish what is real and not real, he will hug tables and say good-bye to the railroad.  He has a photographic memory.  Alex is a determined child that shows a great deal of focus.  Alex can become too focused on certain things, but is still able to be redirected.   Alex does have medical needs that require tending to throughout the day, but is still able to attend school.  Alex loves to eat and loves sweets, but he does have one requirement, he does not like his food to touch.  Alex has been in and out of the hospital for most of his short life, but always puts on a brave face.  Alex is a trooper when it comes to his medical treatment and has bonded with hospital staff over the years of receiving treatment in the same hospital.
Alex is described by his caregivers as a joyful loving child that is organized.  Alex is a child that thrives on structure and does not enjoy when his schedule is off.   It is recommended that Alex have a two parent home to assist with his medical needs and a family that knows or willing to learn about autism, and sensory issues.  It is recommended that the family be committed, patient a devoted to him as he may require lifelong care.  

Would you be willing to open your heart to Alex and make his dreams come true?

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