Spots Heart Gallery

The Adoption Spots Heart Gallery was created so that children available for adoption would have a “Spot” of their own that allows them the opportunity to express themselves in their own unique way.  There are no infants on Adoption Spots — only older children.  Each child has the opportunity to contribute to their Spot with photos, videos, art, and writings — it’s all about personal expressions

These children have had a rough time and some are difficult to get to know. Some children will want to load-up their Spot while other children may be more reserved or shy with the materials they provide. 

Click on the picture to view a child’s page.*

           Abigail heartbeau-heart
Donnie MP
Felicity heart


Logan MP

Moe heartOlivia heartShaunta & Derrick heart

*An approved home study is required before any representative can provide information regarding a child. 


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