About Adoption

Adoption is the legal process of becoming the parent to a child.  It includes all of the rights and responsibilities of being a parent and includes the duty to protect the child and the responsibility to provide the child with food, shelter, education and health care, including the authority to consent to surgery or other extraordinary medical care in an emergency.

Any adult (age 18 or older), whether married, unmarried or legally separated is eligible to qualify to adopt children.   You are not required to be foster parents to adopt a child from foster care however, since some children develop relationships with their foster parents, if they are unable to be reunited with their biological families they are often adopted by their foster parents .

Getting Started

The steps to get started are:

  • A phone screening is conducted by Kids Central which takes approximately 20-30 minutes depending on questions. To schedule this screening , call 382-387-3487.
  • A paper application packet is then mailed to be completed and returned to Kids Central.  This paperwork allows us to do an Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background check and provides permission for finger printing.
  • You will be invited to attend an orientation evening meeting with other potential foster and adoptive parents where more details are presented on the process.
  • Classes are then scheduled – once a week for 5 consecutive weeks. Between each weekly class, there is homework to complete online – therefore you must have a computer and email access.
  • A  Specialist will be assigned to you to make multiple visits to your home to conduct a home study

There is no fee for this process. There is much to be learned by just going through the phone screening with me and that takes about 20 minutes. Please feel free to call me at the number below when you are ready. If I don’t answer please know that I am very busy on the phone or in meetings and I suggest you leave a few suggested dates and times when you know you will be available by phone, and I will make every effort to call during one of those times.

To learn more about a child featured here on the Adoption Spots website, please contact Spots@kidscentralinc.org or call (352) 387-3476.